OPENSKIMR - Open European
Skill Match Maker
is a project funded by the European Union
that aims to bring together talents,
jobs and learnings to support people
in creating their personal career routes.

3 questions to Marianne Prast, Researcher in HR at OPENSKIMR

What does OPENSKIMR mean to you?

For me OPENSKIMR is a new approach on how to find information on a very important issue in everyone’s life, namely education and work. There is so much information on the web and you can get advice from professional consultants or even family and friends; but to find coherent up to date information is relatively difficult. With OPENSKIMR we want to contribute to the solution of this problem and offer (mainly young) people the opportunity to get new insights in a very stressful time of their lives, namely the time to find adequate education and a job you like.

What tasks do you cover and what are the challenges?

I do research on different qualifications frameworks (e.g. ESCO). There are many frameworks, methodologies out there – fragmented and partially hidden. The big goal of OPENSKIMR is to integrate them and make them visible. OPENSKIMR wants to bring them together. In addition, many of these frameworks are not really user friendly. Therefore, for OPENSKIMR we need to adapt these to our purposes. We are also trying to gather information on our target group’s behavior via questionnaires. European Schoolnet and Digital Europe, as members of our project team, are also helping us in gaining information on e-learnings, qualifications etc.

Working in a project like this means to be able to adapt to changing situations and to be able to communicate with people spread all over Europe. We all need to stick to one line and be up to date.  It is very motivating to work in a project with a vision and to work in a diverse and young project team. We laugh a lot while working.

The challenge I am facing is that there is a huge amount of research already out there. I am currently trying to make sense out of a lot of different qualification frameworks that are existing all over Europe. This is an interesting task and I get to know how political decisions are made and also get insights into different European working cultures.

What was your nicest moment at OPENSKIMR?

I think one of the nicest moments so far was to present our project at an international conference in Porto and to get really interesting feedback. In this moment I realized that what I do actually makes sense (laughs).

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