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The OpenSKIMR challenge is reaching out for young people who are interested in a career in the STEM/ IT sector and the participation is open to all people from the age of 14 years and older. The contest is open for submission from the 1st of May to the 14th of May 2017 and the winner will be announced on Instagram during the third week of May and contacted by personal message.

Step 1
Be creative and describe one of the 8 job roles you find listed below by making a collage, drawing, roleplay, presentation, etc. in English

Step 2
Follow the OpenSKIMR Instagram account and link it in your picture or video

Step 3
Indicate #OpenSKIMRContest and via #(hashtag) the job role you’ve chosen
Add via # the 3 key skills (in English) which you personally think are required most for this job role
Describe yourself via 3 hashtags in which you state #name #age and your #dreamjob

Step 4
Share your contribution as picture or video on Instagram.
The winner of the Instagram Challenge can choose between an iPhone 7, 32 GB, 4.7 Inch, Color: black, silver, gold or rose gold, or a Galaxy S8, 64 GB, 5.8 Inch, Color: black or grey

Here are the 8 JOB ROLES of which you need to pick one and describe it in a creative way:
Data Scientist

ICT Consultant

ICT Networking Engineer

Mobile App Developer

ICT Business Analyst

ICT Project Manager

ICT Security Administrator

Software Developer

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Please note that all contest contributions can be used by us on our website or platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, however these social media sites are not partners or sponsors of the contest. The winner must reply via personal message and share their data to be able to receive the prize. Any unused portion of the prize is not transferable, convertible, or exchangeable and cannot be taken as cash. Participation in the contest is deemed as acceptance of the contest rules stated here. Please note that participants under the age of 14 years are not allowed to take part in this contest.
For any questions please use the contact form below!
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Thank you, @openskimr :).

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#repost #openSKIMRcontest #ICTBusinessAnalyst #problemsolving #intelligence #collaboration #Anastasia #16 #Doctor

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#repost #openskimrcontest #softwaredeveloper #dedication #seriousness #collaboration #ruben #17 #softwaredeveloper

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#repost #openskimrcontest #softwaredeveloper #dedication #seriousness #alessia #16 #softwaredeveloper

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#Repost #openskimrcontest #biology #knowledge #intelegence #creative #datascience #vuk #cardiologists #16 In teaching, the weight of the personalization of the learning process, while on the other hand is also difficult and teamwork and collaborative learning. And different facilities can be found on the internet which are adapted to the student's educational needs and different learning styles, and supports the active role of students. On YouTube you can find various multimedia content to provide me as a student dynamism, flexibility and interactivity. Collaborative (cooperative) teaching activity involves both factors – both teachers and students. In the course of instruction is included in the video projection screen that stops if necessary. In front of the students are exposed to all the individual bones that have been processed in lectures and exercises. All groups receiving the same task, for example, to assemble the skeleton. In this task, students are put in a position to apply their theoretical knowledge to concrete examples. They need to engage their skills in order to identify each individual bone, which belongs to the type and place where it is located. Then, to isolate only those bones that they need to complete their task.

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#Repost#openskimrcontest #creativewaytolearn #DataScientist #knowledge #integilente #Andrija #16 #biologyst Simulation is an interactive setting allowable parameters influence the outcome of the simulation. Through PhET simulations engage students through interactive environment in which they learn by exploring and discovering. PLAY, EXPLORE, LEARN! Learning goals for this activity include guided inquiry for students to be able to (1) Describe the relationship between solution concentration and color intensity for various metal ions; (2) Sketch of the absorbance vs. wavelength spectra; (3) Develop a proportional relationship between absorbance and concentration; (4) Explain solution color in terms of the variable absorption or transmission of mixtures of red, green and blue light

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#Repost #openskimrcontest #creativewaytolearn #DataScientist #knowledge #integilente #Gordana #16 #biologyst Only an experiment in which it is possible to vary the different conditions and depending on come to different results. A particular advantage is that you can demonstrate what the consequences would cause fouled in the experiment, which in reality can not. Simulation is an interactive and setting the allowable parameters influence the outcome of the simulation. As the relationship between the pH and the concentration of hydrogen ions logarithmically. This means that small changes in pH values ​​in fact a big change of concentration of hydrogen ions. This activity is based on research in order to introduce pH. Learning objectives: Determine if the solution was basic or acidic pH by means of; H3O + / OH- ratio (molecular representation of only the ions in the aqueous equilibrium); concentration hidrony / hydroxide 2. Pull the current color to the pH. 3.Introduce if dilution and volume increase, decrease or no change pH 4.Organise the list of liquid in the meaning of acid or basic forces to the relative order with the supporting evidence. 5. Write down the term water balance. Describe how the balance of water varies with pH.

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