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How to score your dream job in Mobile App Development
Think you want to make it as a Mobile App Developer?

Great news! It’s one of the most in-demand jobs, with 80,000 more App Developer jobs posted than people hired in 2016, according to Inc. But how do you go about getting the job? Here’s our five-step guide to scoring your dream job.

Step 1.
Get the skills

First up, do you have the skills for the job? Most Mobile App Developers have a background in Computer Science or similar — normally a degree, though boot camps and intense courses also help. You’ll be expected to know a programming knowledge like Swift or Java inside out, along with mobile platform APIs and cross-platform mobile suites. An understanding of a development methodology such as Agile or Scrum helps too, as does an interest in UX and UI design.

Step 2.
Gain work experience

You might be bursting with must-have skills but potential employers will want to see these put into practice. A placement or internship can help you gain direct project experience and also lets you develop your soft skills, like communication and teamwork. Another option is to build your own Mobile Apps so you can show employers exactly what you are capable of.

Step 3.
Put together a CV and portfolio

Now it’s time to think about how to show off your education and experience and turn it into a job offer. The best CVs and resumes are clear and succinct, with a strong emphasis on your knowledge and experience. Be sure to include keywords relevant to the job, and double-check that it is easy for a potential employer to scan quickly.

A strong portfolio will also help set you apart from other candidates and provide a great opportunity to show employers what you can actually do. Here’s a handy guide to putting together your first portfolio (link to

Step 4.
Begin the job hunt

Skills nurtured, work experience gained and killer portfolio put together, your job hunt can finally begin. Keep a regular eye out on all the regular job boards and industry-specific boards (link to OpenSKIMR will also be a great place to look in future. But don’t restrict yourself to advertised jobs. Make a list of companies you’d love to work and make a self-initiated application — you never know, they might be thinking of hiring someone just like you. You can also use this time to network; either by attending events in your area or by reaching out to people on forums and social media.

Step 5.
Stay motivated

If you don’t find a job straight away, don’t feel discouraged. Stay proactive in your search and use your network to find advice and job leads. Use platforms like OpenSKIMR to keep working on your skills or build your own app to include in your portfolio. That way, when the right position comes along, you’ll have the highest possible chance of getting it.

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