OPENSKIMR - Open European
Skill Match Maker
is a project funded by the European Union
that aims to bring together talents,
jobs and learnings to support people
in creating their personal career routes.
Thank you for your participation in our OpenSKIMR Instagram contest!

In the beginning of May this year, our OpenSKIMR Instagram contest took place. We were delighted with all your great participation and input, with so many creative pictures and videos. You shared so many stories about some of the most trendy and desired job roles in the digital world!

The imaginative and creative ideas have thoroughly motivated our project team and delivered huge additional inspiration for our project.

So from all of us at OpenSKIMR, we’d like to say a huge thank you for all great energy and effort. You have really inspired us!

We are delighted that we could pique your interest and we hope that you continue to follow the progress of this vital project, and you will be able to test the pilot prototype which is coming this autumn.

Furthermore, we congratulate our winner Anežka!!!

© poe_damerons_sister/Instagram

If you are interested in any of the the pictures and videos submitted, you can check them out here!
Great effort by all!

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