OPENSKIMR - Open European
Skill Match Maker
is a project funded by the European Union
that aims to bring together talents,
jobs and learnings to support people
in creating their personal career routes.

“I put my heart and soul into the project”

3 Questions to Dania Radi*, Project Leader of OPENSKIMR

“What does OPENSKIMR mean to you?”

OPENSKIMR means to me inspiration and a high motivation to develop an amazing tool which aims to support people in their career planning in order to combat youth unemployment and foster Europe’s mobility. OPENSKIMR is a combination of life-long learning and top job opportunities which shows talents diverse directions.


To be honest, when I finished high school or my bachelor degree I would have loved to have had a tool like OPENSKIMR at hand. A tool which shows me opportunities based on my skill set. At that age, I and many of my fellow colleagues were scared about the question of what to do in the future – because you just don’t know if you have the right skills to reach your personal goals or if you will miss other opportunities.


I see this project as my personal adventure. Working with an amazing and motivated team makes it even better. OPENSKIMR fascinates me and I want to put my heart and soul into the project making it a success.


“What was your biggest challenge as project leader in the OPENSKIMR project”


I think the biggest challenge is to ensure a common understanding of the project scope. Everyone had different visions and ideas, which of course enlarges the idea-set. However, it was necessary that the whole team stands on a common ground.  We had a lot of discussions at the beginning and I learned that sometimes you need to ask each team member twice to make sure everybody understood it correctly.


I believe this is quite normal – it is the phase of team formation and finding the right internal communication patterns. I am convinced that it supported us to become the strong team we are today.


Another challenge is to ensure that all team members are up-to-date. Constantly keeping an eye on the social communicating tools we use internally and informing everybody from the team at the right time is not always an easy task. However, I am proud that we now have this running smoothly.


“What was the nicest moment?”


The nicest moment… that’s a really difficult question. I have lot of pictures in my mind. I think one of the nicest moments was during a workshop in Madrid. The core team had met and discussed how the matching could work and how to integrate ESCO … and suddenly there was this moment when everyone had the same understanding, every member was completely on track… we didn’t even need to talk anymore. It was a feeling which made me totally proud. The team became a real team!


*With experiences in several IT and Management focused projects Dania is responsible for project management as well as for requirement engineering tasks concerning OPENSKIMR.

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