OPENSKIMR - Open European
Skill Match Maker
is a project funded by the European Union
that aims to bring together talents,
jobs and learnings to support people
in creating their personal career routes.

“We want to transfer knowledge beyond company boarders”

3 questions to Verena Lemberger*, Lead for ‘Learning and Career Path’ of OPENSKIMR

  • What is OPENSKIMR?


OPENSKIMR is a web application which aim is to help talents to find their career path. It shows them the learning routs that are suitable for the positions they want to achieve.


  • Why is good learning content so important for a tool like OPENSKIMR and how do you assure a good quality?


Good learning content is important because students expect a professional support in their career choices. Only with high quality content are we competitive and credible to our target group. Low quality content will not help young people to build a sustainable career.

We do intensive research to figure out what type of content is needed and we develop processes to suggest the right learnings. Depending on different career paths a person could choose, we try to give talents the best suggestions and show different learning routs. We all know, there is more than one way to skin a cat – a principle which is actually at the core of OPENSKIMR.

With the help of the skills classification ESCO we annotate every learning with the skills you can learn from them. We are therefore in close contact with many content providers. This cooperation is important to give talents the right suggestion based on our matching algorithm and to have a quality control.

In addition, the talent platform Academy Cube ( is an important partner of OPENSKIMR because the team has very profound knowledge in different learning concepts and in the cooperation with content partners. Academy Cube is also the pilot platform and reference of ESCO. We can build up on this knowledge also for OPENSKIMR.


  • Is there enough content from companies available? Do they offer it for free and what benefits do they get from it?


There is a lot of learning content available from different companies and many institutions offer free courses. But we have experienced that the majority of companies, especially the smaller ones, want to hold their content privately. Many of them fear the competition when they share knowledge with their counterparts.

The reason why big companies offer their content for free is easily explained with the aim of OPENSKIMR. As an open source, OPENSKIMR will be a web application which is free for everyone and which helps to build up a learning community. To make a real change we depend on the data and feedback of this community, and many companies see it the same way. Together we want to gain and transfer knowledge beyond company boarders. The big challenges can only be addressed and solved if we go hand in hand to reach a higher target.


*Verena works as project manager at PDAgroup and is responsible for content management for the OPENSKIMR project.

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