Discover OpenSKIMR and create your career route The first full version of the European classification system ESCO is live and, OpenSKIMR is one of the first ESCO pilot projects built on it.

Seven ways to learn new skills as you work It’s a trap so many of us fall into. Scoring that first job out of school or university and thinking “Great, no more education for me. I can relax.” But to move up the career ladder we need to keep working on our skillset — whether […]

How to score your dream job in Mobile App Development Think you want to make it as a Mobile App Developer? Great news! It’s one of the most in-demand jobs, with 80,000 more App Developer jobs posted than people hired in 2016, according to Inc. But how do you go about getting the job? Here’s […]

Thank you for your participation in our OpenSKIMR Instagram contest! In the beginning of May this year, our OpenSKIMR Instagram contest took place. We were delighted with all your great participation and input, with so many creative pictures and videos. You shared so many stories about some of the most trendy and desired job roles […]

Eight essential ICT roles in today’s job market The ICT sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the job market, growing at about three percent per year. In Europe alone, around 700,000 new ICT jobs are predicted to open by 2020, with demand still outstripping supply. Here we take a look at some of […]